Felicitation Of India’s Finest Players By The Spartan Poker

On 1st December, at Hotel Sahara Star, the poker fans witnessed the 2nd addition of India Poker championship Awards. It was organized by the Spartan poker, which is India’s biggest online gaming portal of poker. The audience witnessed performances of dance group Tron and artist Juggy D. The awards night was hosted by Shibani Dandekar.

Many of India’s poker players have made into various tournaments that include: Millionaire, Big Win, IOPC, Spartan super etc. To encourage these players, the directors of the Spartan pokers felicitated them in the hands of Amin Rozani and Ranvijay Singha.
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Neymar Jr. The Poker Star, Bags Sixth Place In The Brazilian Series Of Poker (BSOP) Sao Paulo

Neymar Jr., the famous young football star from Brazil was seen in action this week, not at the football pitch, but at the Poker table, at the Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP) Sao Paulo. The R$7, 000 ($1,850) High Roller, garnered more attention after Neymar Jr. was one of the 288 entrants. Interestingly, his eight opponents on the final table, agreed to his request of coming a day later, allowing him to attend a wedding as best man.

Another player on the final table, which returned on Wednesday, after a day gap, was Eyal Bensimhon. He unfortunately finished in eighth place for R$42, 870 ($11,562). This could possibly be termed as an upset as Eyal won the Poker International Circuit Main event in Rotterdam with a prize money of $112,709 last year.
On the other hand Neymar Jr. busted in sixth place for R$79, 440 ($21,470) after being on the unlucky side of the things. He was also the sixth in terms of chips at the start of the game on the final table.

The two-time champ Oscar Alache of the LAPT and the current BSOP Player of the Year Affif Prado, were the two battling for the title in the end. Interestingly, they agree to a heads up deal. Prado got the better off Oscar in the final hand, with the latter’s pocket fours running smack dab into the former’s jacks.

One thing which was on the tongues of all Neymar Jr’s opponents, were praise for the football star. From Prado to Bensimhon, they seem to have something good to say about him. They called, playing with him to be one of the most amazing experiences of their career. Bensimhon told, “Plus I got a story to tell my grandchildren” he added.

WPT Borgata Poker Open Tournament Won By Guo Liang Chen Wins

After winning the WPT Borgata Poker Open Tournament, Guo Liang Chen has become the fresh face and the newest member of the World Poker Tour Champions Club (WPTCC).

He has conquered a field of 1,132 players for a first-place and won the prize amount of $789,058. He raised the trophy after playing for long hours on Friday for his biggest cash in terms of magnitude previously he had $40,000 total.

In the process, Chen repudiated legend of the tournament and former November Niner Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy his very first title of WPT. Josephy fell to the fifth position after coming short into the final table. In the WPT Main Event, till date it remains his strongest finish.

The results of official final table

• First, Guo Liang Chen won the prize amount of $789,058.

• Second, Gregory Weber won the prize amount of $471,059.

• Third, Jia Liu won the prize amount of $288,071.

• Fourth, Matt Parry won the prize amount of $240,965.

• Fifth, Cliff Josephy won the prize amount of $199,294.

• Sixth, Thomas Paul won the prize amount of $161,247.

Daniel Strelitz, Steve Sung, Maurice Hawkins, WSOP Main Event champ Ben Zamani, Scott Blumstein, Andy Spears, Johanssy Joseph and Shaun Deeb were some of the prominent players who tried for 110 paid places, however fell short of the final table.

Nick Palma, the strong opponent of Chen, with a three-outer on the river doubled through him once, after that, another shot was taken by Chen which eliminated him by calling 12 big blinds button ship. Palma then showed up with and he bubbled the final table of the event when Chen ran a flush.

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OPP Soon To Be Considered By Illinois House

The lawmakers of Illinois will discuss the online casino games of state bill at a hearing, which is scheduled to take place on 27th of June.

In the House Executive Committee (HEC) the measure will be considered, because the bill has cleared the Senate some three weeks before with the vote 42-10. The House by Rep has sponsored legislation.

The bill was introduced to the Senate (HB 479), in January, and at that point of time, this much momentum in the bill was not expected at the initial phase. The players of Poker Alliance in this regard said that it will testify in the measure’s support at the meeting on Tuesday.

It is expected that this game will generate the revenue of around $300 million.

If everything goes well then an Internet Gaming Division would be created that will function within the Gaming Board of Illinois, and it would be issued the five-year licenses. The license of the internet gaming would limit up to two brands. And the licenses would cost $10 million. Moreover, the operator will have to pay the taxes in advance which will be 15 percent of the revenue. Continue reading OPP Soon To Be Considered By Illinois House

John In Super High Roller Event

If you are awaiting the Super High Roller Bowl that will start off in May this year, there are several players whom you will see in action, John Juanda is one of them.

Indeed, most fans of world poker wait to see big profile players in action. This year’s event was announced by Aria to be held at Aria Resort and Casino in the last week of May. This year there would be a tournament that would comprise of a total of fifty players. Among the fifty seats, 15 are reserved while the rest would be based on random draws. There was a recent announcement that the event of this year will see a total of 56 players participating.

There is much excitement about the upcoming event and the rankings of the players of the Super High Roller Bowl. There would be seven players who have signed up for this year’s event who have not played the previous editions.

John Juanda is one of the high roller players who belong to the group of players from Germany. Fans of Jon will get to see him in action this May. Of course, he was also seen in the Triton Manila main event this year. This series was a Super High Roller series in Manila. There were about 29 unique players in this tournament that was held at Solaire Resort and Casino recently. Among the players who advanced to day two of the event was John Juanda. Hence, Jon has a busy year lined up, having got into action for the month of February itself. This American professional player, native of Indonesia, came into the world of fame after having won a total of five bracelets in World Series of Poker tournaments. He is currently based out of California and is forty five years of age.

The Aussie Millions Poker Championship

The Aussie Millions Poker championships that were held recently saw James Chen of Taiwan winning the main event.

The event named H.O.R.S.E had a prize money of $2500 which James won and made news. This occurred on the third day of the championship event. The first event called ANTON ring was won by him as well as the H.O.R.S.E event that took place. These events were held at Crown Poker Room. As a total, his winnings were $39,700. The tournament saw a total of 49 players participating which was an increase from the 39 number that was the number of players who took part in this event last year.

Chen moved to the final day of the event having doubled the chip stack he had, more than any other on the table. As a result, his earnings in poker playing career now total $619,330. He has moved into fifth place to the list of top players from Taiwan.

His wins have been in consequent years; he has been successful in several high roller events in the Macau Poker Cup. He was also successful in earning the top prize in the Macau event that took place in 2015 as well as in 2016.

Players who were part of the Aussie event were able to make money on the first day. However, things became competitive on Day 2. Dylan Honeyman was another contestant in the event from Australia who was in the fourth place on the final day. He has also been playing well in the live cash games in the tournaments and even participated in the previous year’s main event of the Aussie Millions event. There has been a change in regulations for online gambling in the country which could affect participations in the future. It is hoped that the changes will come by in this segment as well.

3 Things Impact World Of Poker

The world of poker has witnessed three significant occurrences in recent days.

These incidents have made a big and positive impact on online gambling gaming industry as well as a game of poker. The first occurrence is the Hotel & Casino, Seminole Hard Rock created record states entries in its hosted tournament. Second Maurice Hawkins won three Circuits main events in a year. This is the first time any person has done this. Winning the Circuit, Hawkins has become the first player in the history of the World Series of Poker Circuit. Third occurrence is the leading broadcaster of World poker Mike Sexton won $425,980 in WPT of poker.

Seminole Hard Rock holds the event Rock ‘n’ Roll. The event was open series of poker in which 5,018 people participated. It became the record filed. The director of tournament Tony Burns explained the format of the tournament and said it was about a 1 Million dollar guaranteed prize for entries of 360 Dollars. Opening this format we were expecting a good turn-out and it happened too. We had 5,018 entries which were higher than the previous record of 4,075 entries in Lucky Hearts Poker Open. Nine players won prize of 1 million Dollars together and they will divide money, according to the size of their ship stacks.

West Palm Beach based Maurice Hawkins defected 261 players at Kennel Club located at Palm Beach and become the first person to win three circuits the main events in a single year. By defeating players he earned his Circuit gold ring of eighth career that put him for second all-time tied.

Mike Sexton finished first WPT main event title and earned $425,980. The amazing thing is Sexton became fan of poker during his TV boom. After winning the amount in poker Sexton too has created a history.

Portland Poker Scene

The city of Portland has come down hard on poker rooms since July of this year.

They have sent out letters to as many as 15 poker rooms stating that the dealers do not have permission to function as per state law. The city has seen a vibrant growth in the poker scene. As many as 200 dealers are now in jeopardy due to this move by the city authorities. The poker market is estimated to be large in this area which brings in millions of dollars every year.

About six years ago the city officials issued a dictum that the dealers in poker here would not be eligible for wages. Dealers started to be paid in tips to get around this law. For several years the city office has overlooked the matter. There was a recent discussion at the Oregon Department of Labor that talked about looking at the dealers as employees. Some have even filed complaints that they are not earning minimum wages even.

That has led to Portland talking about enforcing the state codes that existed before. The wage issue came to a climax recently as there was a class action lawsuit filed by some dealers. As a result of this, dealers are out as they are neither employee not are they volunteers. Hence players who come for the games need to deal the chips themselves. Portland was allowing something that has now come in conflict with the way the games need to be played.

The general rule of the games is that a deck cannot rotate around a table and slow the game down. This also breaks down the integrity of the game. Poker in this state is played as a social gaming recreational as the casino style gambling in the non tribal form is prohibited in this state.

Parx Big Stax High Roller event reports

It might not be of the epistaxis kind like something on European Poker Tour, but Parx Big Stax XV in Pennsylvania featured a High Roller Event at the price point of US$ 2500.

The event pulled in 193 participats, and when the dust patched up, Nick Gerrity and Matt Mendez had almost tied stacks after outliving all of their other opposers. They elected to chop the left over prize money and finish the event, with Matt taking the trophy as well as US$ 100539, and Nick getting US$ 97782.

The 2 worked their path through a final table which included a series of more well-known players. Mendez is more notable for his online exploits under the name “MattEMenz,” while Gerrity came had just 4 career live cashes adding up US$ 158237.

As per new live updates, Nick Pupillo tallied an elimination to break the bubble with twenty-four poker players in the lot. Among those players cashing but not making it to the final table were Roman Valerstein (17th), Big Stax XV Main Event winner Brent Roberts (21st) and Jared Jaffee (23rd).

Meanwhile, Sulsky was this week’s top winner after depositing US$ 255433 in 4031 hands spread through fourteen sessions. Daniel “d2themfi” Isaacson was the next closest winner who won a pocket-sized US$ 84310 in 489 hands in ten sessions. In the meantime, Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov made it to the third spot on the leaderboard with US$ 69317 in profit that came in 1721 hands over seventeen sessions.

Greece goes ahead with plans to give more online gambling licenses this year

A desperate requirement for money prompts the government’s plans. Previous week, Tryfon Alexiadis, Greece’s Deputy Finance Minister stated in the Parliament that the government would bring in legislation to issue online gaming licenses.

The projects were first declared as part of a budget proposal given to EU, EB and IMF when this little European nation was talking terms for a new bailout plan under the left wing Syriza government. The
financial crisis of the company
has been a top reason of imbalance for online gaming firms. Twenty-four temporary license holders were issued in the year 2012 in reply to complaints from the European Union Commission that the Greek gambling regulations breached European Union treaties.

Meanwhile, Steve Stallings, the California Nations Indian Gaming Association Chairman, has called for the release of online poker before performing on Daily Fantasy Sports. The rules for the fantasy sports are quite well intended. Still, the state requires proving that it could deal with one online game–I-Poker—before it takes on others.

Steve showcased his disappointment that online poker was extracted from the schedule of a recent California Assembly Governmental Organization Committee hearing on 6th January, while Assemblyman Adam Gray’s AB 1437 bill to legitimatize DFS was passed by the committee.